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Monthly Archives: June 2012

The Most Important Piece of Equipment in Your Golf Game – YOU!

Beginning golfers, low handicappers, and most everyone in between often times take for granted one key element when we play golf – maintenance of our own bodies.  We make sure the clubs and grips are ready; we even check the spikes on our shoes to make sure they aren’t worn out.  But we tend not […]

Question Your Doctor

Why not?  It’s your health you’re discussing.  Too often, I’ve heard patients describe their encounters with doctors (of all types – even DC’s) as “a little rushed” or “being talked down to” or “dismissed and treated as if I didn’t know what I was talking about.”   That’s the point, doc; INFORM ME! Put yourself in […]

It’s Good to Have Curves!

Of course, by that I mean in our spines.  And by that, I don’t mean the scoliosis-type curves we often associate with our skeletons.  Proper maintenance of the “front to back” curves in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar regions is vital to our optimal function and wellbeing.  Picture the curve on a banana and think […]

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