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Back-Healthy Travel

Back-Healthy TravelSummer is in full swing and it seems like lots of folks are planning some type of getaway. We’ve “packed” some good information into this month’s newsletter on helping you during any trips you might be taking. So this month’s slogan should be “Travel Healthy, Stay Well”.

For a lot of us, Summer brings on family trips and vacations. Whether it’s air travel, a road trip in the car or van, or even a “stay-cation” here in the area, we put ourselves through some tough travel tests. Carrying luggage, tight airline seats, extended car travel, hotel (or Aunt Harriet’s) beds and pillows, and more all place a real strain on our backs. So many patients return from their trips with sore backs and stiff necks as well as feeling generally rundown. Here are a few tips to help you minimize your travel “woes” (at least the health-related ones):

  • If you can, bring your own pillow. Good cervical support will go a long way to help reduce stiffness.
  • Try a “horseshoe” pillow for travel even if you’re not on a plane. Even in the car, these travel pillows are a good idea. You can substitute a folded airline pillow or rolled up t-shirt if space is a concern.
  • Stretching basics – bend over while seated, pull your legs up while laying down, neck rolls (slowly!), pulling your shoulders back, are all great examples of simple 30 second stretches that can ease muscle fatigue.
  • Stay hydrated with WATER! Too often while traveling we get out of our routine and much too often we forget to drink enough water. Insufficient hydration can show up as overall muscle soreness, headaches, and general malaise. Also, water helps our Immune Systems! So help yourself fight back and feel better by remembering to drink enough water while away.

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