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Chiropractic care: Adapted for you

Chiropractic care: Adapted for youHave you ever wondered how your chiropractor can adapt to caring for an infant, a ninety year old patient with arthritis and every case in between? One of the unique aspects of chiropractic care is that it can be adapted to any age group or condition. At Radice Family Chiropractic we use gentle manual techniques, specialized drop table adjustments and calculated hand held instruments. This range of techniques allows us to be flexible while offering different types of care for different people. As our current patients know, all types of adjustments are safe and pain free and you can rest assured that your chiropractor is trained in gentle effective techniques to best suit your body type.

Kids and chiropractic
It could be argued that chiropractic is more important for children than for adults. One of the basic tenets of chiropractic is to ensure that the nervous system – the body’s control mechanism for all repair, maintenance and development – is able to work without interference. What more important time to ensure 100% function of that system than in a growing, developing child? As the saying goes – “As the trunk grows, so grows the tree.”

Chiropractic can give children an outstanding opportunity to start out with a better foundation of health. Skeletal and muscular development are obvious areas where prevention of early problems is beneficial. Pediatric chiropractic takes into account a child’s stage of development in order to more properly diagnose, and treat accordingly. Chiropractic is definitely not “one size fits all”. Just as an MD would not give a child an adult dosage of medication, a chiropractor alters the treatment according to the child’s age and needs. Dr. Mike Radice feels strongly about the benefits of chiropractic for children. Radice Family Chiropractic has a “tag-line” to help people recognize its vision. “Grow Healthy – Stay Well” is meant to remind everyone that true healthcare can’t start early enough.

Jogging and the bones
Osteoporosis is a very real concern. The concern is particularly amongst females above the age of 50. Along with regular chiropractic care, our wellness patients frequently ask if jogging is damaging or helpful to their bones and joints. Light jogging with supportive shoes and orthotics (if you need them) is very helpful for most people in two ways. Firstly, calcium is laid down in bones based on the pressure the bones are under. Jogging can cause greater than 200% of your weight to come down on your bones with every step. This pressure can keep your bones strong. Secondly, jogging can help keep your weight under control because of its cardiovascular benefits. Increased weight gain is linked to more joint problems because of the increase in pressure on the major joints of the body. We would caution any individuals who presently have lower back, hip or knees issues to consult your chiropractor to address any mechanical issues prior to beginning a jogging/running regimen. Summer is here; no better time to start!

Piriformis Syndrome: A real pain in the behind
The sciatic nerve runs behind your buttocks and leg all the way down to your foot. Some people can go through their whole lives and never even know where it is, whereas people who have had it flare up know exactly the deep, dull and achy feeling it can give in the buttocks and down the legs. Three of the most common activities that tend to irritate the sciatic nerve are: crossing legs, prolonged sitting and sitting on an object (ie foot, wallet, etc). The reason these activities tend to aggravate the nerve is by mechanically altering the position of your pelvis and stretching out a key muscle called the piriformis muscle. When your sciatic nerve fibres are irritated by this muscle, it is called piriformis syndrome.

Chiropractic care helps sciatic nerve irritation by improving the biomechanics of the pelvis and hence allowing for better space and movement for the nerve. After improvement of the biomechanics and the symptoms, your chiropractor may prescribe for you some lifestyle advice to make sure the problem does not return. Come see us and get the pain in your rear-end taken care of!

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