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Dr. Mike Radice

The Holidays are Here!

Travel and entertaining during the holidays can disrupt our healthy routines. With a little care and a little planning, this time of year can be a happy and healthy time to celebrate. We’ve outlined some ideas to help with everyday habits for good “back health” and invite you to make an appointment as a “present” for yourself.

We also want to extend particular thanks to our past and present heroes serving in all branches of the military service (“even the Coast Guard” says the ex-Navy guy). Let them know about our Veteran’s Day offer so we can show them we care.

Three Causes of Back Pain You Might Not Know About
The most current research suggests that greater than 80% of us will suffer from back pain sometime during our life. Many of us may be familiar with traumatic causes of back pain such as car accidents or sports injuries. However, overlooked lifestyle activities can also cause lower back pain. In our office, here are some normal day-today activities that we are increasingly seeing as the culprits of chronic or recurring lower back pain:

1. Handbags and wallets. Handbags can cause shoulder and neck problems if they are too heavy. Don’t forget to switch shoulders frequently. For the men: Please don’t sit on your wallets! This causes your pelvis to be unbalanced and increases the chance for back pain.

2. High Heels. These types of shoes shorten and tighten the hamstring muscles of the legs and can increase the risk of falling. When at the office, try to alternate into shoes that have shorter heels and remember to stretch your hamstrings and calves regularly.

3. Crossing of the legs. Crossing arms and legs is a very common habit. But it rotates the hips or shoulders, putting extra stress on those joints, leading to pain. Try to avoid these positions in order to improve your overall posture.

Be safe in your day-to-day activities to avoid injuries and maintain a strong and stable spine throughout your life. Call RFC today to schedule your maintenance/prevention visit!

Don’t Let a Migraine Get You Down
Every year, millions of North Americans suffer from migraines. A migraine is a severe form of a headache that is throbbing in nature and can accompany visual disturbances, nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to lights and sounds. Migraine attacks can be severely debilitating with little or no relief from medication.

The current research says that migraines occur when constricted blood vessels in the brain enlarge suddenly, leading to a rapid increase in blood flow to the brain. This causes the intensity of the headache that most migraine sufferers are familiar with. Other theories suggest that a chemical imbalance in the brain causes certain triggers in the environment to essentially ‘turn on’ the cascade of the migraine headache. There is growing research that shows that migraines can be caused by the irritation of a pain sensitive region in the brain stem. Chiropractic care has been shown to help significantly in migraines caused by this process. Migraines do not always have to be debilitating and there are solutions for relief. Ask Dr. Mike whether chiropractic care could help your friends and family members with migraine headaches!

Veteran’s Day Bonus

Thank You to All Our Service Members, Past and Present

For all who have served or are currently serving, visit our office on Tuesday November 11, 2014 for a FREE ADJUSTMENT.

Call (813) 968-9411 for details and to make your appointment

Did you know…?   POP!

Chiropractic care is safe for pregnant women, and in some cases it can actually alleviate the headaches, nausea, back pain and leg pain which are common during pregnancy. Dr. Mike’s adjusting table is designed with a “pelvic drop piece” designed specifically for pregnant women.

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