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Dr. Mike Radice

Happy Holidays

Another year is wrapping up and the staff and I hope that the holiday season is treating you well. We’ve outlined some tips to help you “stay on track” health-wise as this busy month progresses. Of course, regular chiropractic care helps keep you performing at your best!

We sincerely wish you warmest holiday tidings, filled with family, friends, and joy throughout the season.

Slouching and Sitting
Research shows us that slouched postures and sitting have the greatest negative effects on neck and back pain. Slouching with rounded shoulders and your head forward (called “forward head carriage”) has been shown to increase your neck muscle tension more than 40% as compared to proper posture. This leads to muscle fatigue and hence to further slouching. Sitting causes back issues in a different manner. If you touch your lower back right now as you are reading this, you will notice a slight forward arch (called “lordosis”). Prolonged sitting has been shown to reduce this curvature and lead to back problems. Based on this information, we have two goals in mind: to reduce prolonged sitting and to stop the lumbar curve from collapsing.

Ask your chiropractor for a wellness strategy to help you achieve the above-mentioned goals. Your back will thank you!

Stress Busters
Stress is a natural part of all of our lives. Too much stress needs to be managed to prevent unhealthy consequences. Some basic tips to help manage your stress and your overall health include:

Proper Breathing: It has a dramatic impact on muscle relaxation, tension reduction, normalizing heart rate, and increasing mental clarity. Try breathing not only deeper, but more with your diaphragm than with your lungs. Increasing your oxygen intake and exchange is the key.

Adequate Water: Sound familiar? Last month’s newsletter outlined all of the myriad benefits of proper water intake, including helping with cellular processes, detox, and tissue repair. Stress places an undue strain on your immune system and water is an outstanding way to combat those negative effects. Remember: 1⁄2 to 3⁄4 of your bodyweight in ounces is the goal range for water intake per day.

Healthy Snacking: Eat healthy and eat often to control blood sugar levels throughout the day. Insulin and blood sugar regulation is another key to avoiding fatigue, mood swings and chemical stress on the body. Proper “fuel” everyday helps keep the body and the mind sharp and clear.

Exercise: The endorphins released during regular exercise can be a big help in helping manage unwanted stress. Regular exercise helps you not only physically, but often helps you simply think about something else other than the rigors of the day.

Proper Sleep: Back to the immune system! Restful sleep is vital to many body functions including immune system, tissue repair, and organ function. Try practicing good sleep habits like turning off the TV earlier, “turning off your brain” from re-hashing the day’s events, reading something light, even meditating a little bit. Sleep needs vary, but 8 hours per night is an excellent goal.

Call or refer someone you know to get adjusted before the “stressful” holiday season arrives!

Did you know…?

Chiropractic care addresses the CAUSES of ailments, not simply their SYMPTOMS.

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