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Dr. Mike Radice

October Insights

Hello again and happy Autumn. School’s back in session along with fall sports, and the potential injuries which can accompany them. Being vigilant in monitoring active kids is an excellent way to help ensure TBI’s and concussions don’t become a problem for your children nor the family. Getting good chiropractic check-ups for those active kids is also a great way to keep them “Growing Healthy and Staying Well”.

Please also check out this month’s offers in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month”. An outstanding chance to help the fight against this terrible disease, as well as to help someone improve their own health with chiropractic!

Be Conscious of Concussions
Concussion is a common injury among children and adolescents participating in organized sports and recreational activities. A recent survey reported approximately 30,000 concussions annually among the 12-to-19-year-old age group. Sixty six per cent of those concussions are related to sports activity.

A concussion is a disturbance in brain function caused by a direct or indirect force to the head. It results in a variety of non- specific symptoms and often does not involve loss of consciousness. Most cases of traumatic brain injury are concussions.

Concussion should be suspected in the presence of any one or more of the following:

  • Symptoms (such as headache)
  • Physical signs (such as unsteadiness)
  • Impaired brain function (e.g. confusion)
  • Abnormal behavior

Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Breast cancer touches us all. Seemingly everyone knows, either directly or indirectly, someone affected by this disease. Recent research has been making strides; but that progress can be expensive. Together, we can help offset the costs of research and treatment. For each new patient you refer in the month of October, Radice Family Chiropractic will donate $25 to National Breast Cancer Foundation.

BONUS: If you refer TWO patients in October, you’ll receive a FREE 30 minute massage at our office. Thanks for your support in this important fight!

p.s. Thanks to all those who attended and supported this year’s Cheval Cares 5K which raised well over $30,000 for the Pediatric Cancer Foundation. Well done!

Did you know…?

Nerve impulses to and from the brain travel as fast as 170 miles (274 km) per hour.

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