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Dr. Mike Radice

It’s All Connected

Like the song says, “the foot bone’s connected to the knee bone…” and that interaction plays an important part in helping us get to the root cause of not only limb pain, but spinal conditions as well. We want to follow the path of biomechanics “from the ground up” to best treat our patients. So, please feel free to discuss any foot or knee pain (or wrist and shoulder pain) with Dr. Mike to he can fully assess your most effective course of treatment.

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Foot Mechanics and Knee Pain
If our patients mention knee pain as their major complaint, we also frequently hear about previous ankle injuries when we are collecting their health history. The body is so interconnected that a change in one part, more often than not, causes changes in other parts. This can be problematic. For instance, if you’ve rolled an ankle joint in the past, you likely have accumulated scar tissue around the injured joint. This unnecessary tissue will alter mechanics of your foot, causing you to slightly change how you walk. If you change how you walk, your knees will receive uneven wear and tear. This can lead to knee pain, especially if you are an active individual such a runner.

To treat knee and ankle issues, chiropractic care looks at the whole body including the spine and pelvis. In order to support the person’s structure from the feet up, individualized foot supports called Orthotics can also be prescribed. The orthotics work by maintaining the structural mechanics of the feet and ankle joints. Improved foot mechanics can frequently improve knee problems as well as foot issues.

Call Dr. Radice today at 813-968-9411 to learn if a pair of custom Orthotics could be helpful for you.

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Did you know…?

Your foot contains 26 bones, 33 joints, more than 100 tendons, muscles, and ligaments, and a whopping 250,000 sweat glands.

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