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Dr. Mike Radice

Calling All Golfers…

The weather finally is cooperating and golf is on a lot of people’s minds, so I wanted to remind everyone about a few key points to help better prepare for when we “hit the links”. As usual, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call our office for answers.

“Fore” Good Ideas for a Better Round of Golf
There are a few key elements to improving our golf game – from performance to injury prevention and even personal safety. Getting re-acquainted with these concepts can definitely help as golf season hits high gear:

WARM-UP: Proper strengthening and warming up neck, shoulders, obliques (trunk), low back and hamstrings will help improve your game, but will also help prevent injuries. Get to the course early and spend 5-10 minutes on a basic stretching routine.

STRENGTHEN: Adding strength to the right areas can absolutely improve your golf game. Shoulders and leg strength are key, but a sometimes overlooked element – core strength – is vital in improving club speed and distance. Trunk rotation during the swing is from where a lot of power is derived, so it makes sense to address it.

BALANCE: Uneven terrain, fatigue, and the necessary “moving parts” of a golf swing make balance something we shouldn’t forget about. There are very simple ways to improve balance, including bosu ball, stability discs, even standing on one leg for 30-60 seconds. Having better balance allows us to return our bodies to where we were at address during the swing allowing for better contact, and therefore better results.

WATER, FOOD, AND THE SUN: Remember to keep hydrated (if you’re thirsty, you’re not keeping up), add in some easy snacks (more protein based snacks release “fuel” at a better rate for activity), and absolutely pay attention to sun protection with proper headgear and good sunscreen (likely applied more than once per round). These will keep you more comfortable during your round today and healthier tomorrow and beyond.

The golf swing, and by extension your golf game is helped by improving the moving parts with focused stretching and strengthening. Proper hydration and nutrition during the round keeps our bodies from fatigue. Protection from the sun just makes sense. By maintaining yourself at least as well as the rest of your golf gear, you should be able to enjoy this unbelieving frustrating, maddening, and awesome sport for many years with better play and less injuries.

Call Dr. Radice today at 813-968-9411 to ensure that you are physically prepared to have a great game!

Did you know…?

You’ll be about 1centimeter shorter when you go to bed at night compared to when you wake up in the morning. Your cartilage in your spine slowly compresses throughout the day.

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