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Run to Fight Pediatric Cancer

Please join us at the 7th Annual Cheval Cares 5K and Family Fun Day on Saturday, September 29th at Cheval Athletic Club. Proceeds benefit the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation. Radice Family Chiropractic loves sponsoring this local community event for such an outstanding cause. Races begin at 8 a.m.

For more information, visit www.chevalcares5k.com

Stop by the RFC booth for a chair massage! Dr. Mike will be there to answer any questions you may have, and we’ll be giving away fun prizes!

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Holiday Food Drive

We need YOU

Holiday Food Drive • December 4th-20th

Join us as we help our neighbors – and get $5 off your visit! Radice Family Chiropractic is teaming up with Christian Social Services to help local families in need. Patients who donate a minimum of three non-perishable food items in our collection box in the lobby will receive $5 off their visit to Radice Family Chiropractic.

Here is a list of current food pantry needs:
Canned fruits and vegetables
Canned or dry-packed tuna
Spaghetti sauce
Kid friendly (spaghetti-O’s, Beanie/Wienie, etc.)
Peanut butter
Macaroni & cheese

For more information on Christian Social Services www.css-helpinghands.org

Be a Saint…Adopt an Angel!

Be a Saint...Adopt an Angel!

RFC Angel Tree • Monday, November 13th – Friday, December 8th

We welcome you to participate in our Angel Tree! This year our office Christmas tree will be decorated with paper angels with the names of local children who could use a helping hand. Each angel will also have a gift item listed on it, (valued at under $25.)

When you choose an angel, all you have to do is buy the gift, wrap it (or place in a gift bag), ATTACH the angel to the gift and bring it back to our office by December 8th.

Your gifts will be taken to First United Methodist Church (Lutz, FL) to be distributed to the children by Christian Social Services www.css-helpinghands.org

It’s a simple way to make a difference to a child in our community!

Help fundraise for National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Help fundraise for National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.!

Breast cancer touches us all. Seemingly everyone knows, either directly or indirectly, someone affected by this disease. Recent research has been making strides; but that progress can be expensive. Together, we can help offset the costs of research and treatment. For each new patient you refer in the month of October, Radice Family Chiropractic will donate $25 to National Breast Cancer Foundation.

BONUS: If you refer TWO patients in October, you’ll receive a FREE 30 minute massage at our office.

Thanks for your support in this important fight!

Call today (813) 968-9411 to request an appointment!

Visit our fundraising site!

Run to fight Pediatric Cancer

6th Annual Cheval Cares 5k Family Fun Run

Please join us at the 6th Annual Cheval Cares 5K and Family Fun Day on Saturday, September 16th at Cheval Athletic Club. Proceeds benefit the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation. Radice Family Chiropractic loves sponsoring this local community event for such an outstanding cause. Races begin at 8 a.m.

For more information, visit www.chevalcares5k.com

Stop by the RFC booth for a chair massage! Dr. Mike will be there to answer any questions you may have, and we’ll be giving away fun prizes!

Proper Hydration For Better Health

Although we should never disregard it, proper hydration seems especially important during Summer. So, let’s get to the “why’s” and the “how’s”:

Water acts as an amazing anti-inflammatory treatment. It helps our body’s own processes address inflammation, helping reduce pain, stiffness, and muscle spasms.

It’s good for the gut. Water has the ability to raise pH in acidic conditions AND to lower pH in alkaline conditions. For the best environment possible for good gut flora and probiotics, good hydration can be key to maintaining the optimal pH. It also keeps us “regular”, which helps the GI system efficiently eliminate wastes and toxins.

It’s actually brain food. Studies indicate that even mild dehydration can impair cognitive function and mental performance. Some even note that these bad effects could be long-lasting. So, keep your brain and body hydrated to stay sharp!

Proper hydration helps with fatigue. Much like keeping the brain at its cognitive best, the muscles and lymph system need water to function efficiently. Dehydrated muscles fatigue faster and generate more waste. A dehydrated lymph system is less efficient in eliminating those wastes, causing a doubly bad effect. All this leads to the body spending way too much energy in these systems, leading to overall fatigue. Therefore, stay hydrated to stay energized!

Your skin and complexion will thank you. The only difference between a grape and a raisin? WATER! Wrinkles, crow’s feet, etc. all stem from the skin’s loss of elasticity. This is a natural process, but is accelerated by dehydration. The integumentary system (fancy word for skin) also benefits from proper hydration with fewer irritations, including eczema, acne and more.

Hopefully, the benefits of proper hydration levels I’ve outlined are worth doing something to get them. Most simply – “Drink water.” The standard response I get is, “But Dr. Mike, I do drink water.” My response to that is, “Great, drink more!”

I found a great rule of thumb for proper hydration:
Every day we need to take in 50% – 75% of our body weight in ounces of liquids to maintain our systems properly.

So, a 150 lb person should be drinking 75 – 115 oz per day. That’s in the vicinity of 3 quarts of good fluids per day.

What’s a “good” fluid? Water for sure, juices, decaffeinated teas and coffees (watch the sugar, though!), and milk (cow or other) are all good examples. Caffeinated drinks can have a diuretic effect, opposite of what we’re going for here. Also, carbonation, sugars/sweeteners, and the acidity of sodas make for a poor choice overall and one I recommend to avoid as a hydration option.

Infused waters are extremely easy and are a good means to break up the monotony of drinking “plain” water. Citrus, cucumber, even berries can add an interesting twist and keep you on track to reaching your hydration goals. I also recommend to many patients to leave your goal amount of water out in plain sight as a good reminder to drink more.

However you get there, get there. Having a goal amount is a great way to start. And some people ask me, “won’t I have to go to the bathroom more?” The answer is “Yes, and that’s a good thing. That means the body is doing its job.” So, set a goal, try your best to reach it. It can only help you Grow Healthy and Stay Well.

Vitamin Vitality

This month’s article keys on how our environment really helps us from the inside out. Vitamin D, supplementation, and sunlight all help keep us strong, healthy and well-balanced. Adding chiropractic to that awesome lineup is a safe and solid way to stay healthy and grow well. Ask our office about the many safe and effective supplements (including Vitamin D and more!) we offer based on your individual needs and goals.

Let the Sun Shine In
For example, recent research shows that low Vitamin D levels are related to increased risk for diabetes, and lack of Vitamin D during pregnancy can lead to gestational diabetes as well as pre-eclampsia. Links between low Vitamin D levels and development of cancer have been studied for many years. Vitamin D deficiency has been associated with mild depression, Alzheimer’s disease, and stroke, as well as with peripheral neuropathy and lupus. It has a huge impact on almost every aspect of our physical health. It makes sense for everyone to ensure they are getting enough Vitamin D on a daily basis.

How does one get enough Vitamin D? The best source of this powerful vitamin is sunlight.

Our modern lifestyle causes us to stay indoors, far away from the healthful rays of the sun. True, the sun’s rays aren’t that healthful anymore because of pollution and degradation of the ozone layer. But that shouldn’t keep us indoors!

To balance this concern and meet the daily requirement for Vitamin D, most studies recommend getting 15 to 30 minutes of unprotected sunlight several times per week.

In addition to sunlight, it is important to develop sound life-sustaining nutritional habits. However, an often overlooked and misunderstood aspect of wellness care is the necessity of chiropractic care. The truth is chiropractic care is an essential ingredient of any focused wellness program.

A healthy diet combined with vitamin supplementation is a very good beginning. Adding chiropractic care makes all those efforts pay off. Chiropractic care helps your body make good use of what you’re putting into it by restoring and maintaining the alignment and function of your spine, chiropractic care can re-establish and maintain the neurological connections between your brain and your body, and then you can resume functioning in the manner your body was designed to.

(By Dr. Irma Palmer, “Let the Sun Shine In”. Chiropractic Today)

Did you know…?

You need to consume a quart of water each day for four months to equate to the amount of blood your heart pumps in one hour.

Calling All Golfers…

The weather finally is cooperating and golf is on a lot of people’s minds, so I wanted to remind everyone about a few key points to help better prepare for when we “hit the links”. As usual, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call our office for answers.

“Fore” Good Ideas for a Better Round of Golf
There are a few key elements to improving our golf game – from performance to injury prevention and even personal safety. Getting re-acquainted with these concepts can definitely help as golf season hits high gear:

WARM-UP: Proper strengthening and warming up neck, shoulders, obliques (trunk), low back and hamstrings will help improve your game, but will also help prevent injuries. Get to the course early and spend 5-10 minutes on a basic stretching routine.

STRENGTHEN: Adding strength to the right areas can absolutely improve your golf game. Shoulders and leg strength are key, but a sometimes overlooked element – core strength – is vital in improving club speed and distance. Trunk rotation during the swing is from where a lot of power is derived, so it makes sense to address it.

BALANCE: Uneven terrain, fatigue, and the necessary “moving parts” of a golf swing make balance something we shouldn’t forget about. There are very simple ways to improve balance, including bosu ball, stability discs, even standing on one leg for 30-60 seconds. Having better balance allows us to return our bodies to where we were at address during the swing allowing for better contact, and therefore better results.

WATER, FOOD, AND THE SUN: Remember to keep hydrated (if you’re thirsty, you’re not keeping up), add in some easy snacks (more protein based snacks release “fuel” at a better rate for activity), and absolutely pay attention to sun protection with proper headgear and good sunscreen (likely applied more than once per round). These will keep you more comfortable during your round today and healthier tomorrow and beyond.

The golf swing, and by extension your golf game is helped by improving the moving parts with focused stretching and strengthening. Proper hydration and nutrition during the round keeps our bodies from fatigue. Protection from the sun just makes sense. By maintaining yourself at least as well as the rest of your golf gear, you should be able to enjoy this unbelieving frustrating, maddening, and awesome sport for many years with better play and less injuries.

Call Dr. Radice today at 813-968-9411 to ensure that you are physically prepared to have a great game!

Did you know…?

You’ll be about 1centimeter shorter when you go to bed at night compared to when you wake up in the morning. Your cartilage in your spine slowly compresses throughout the day.

It’s All Connected

Like the song says, “the foot bone’s connected to the knee bone…” and that interaction plays an important part in helping us get to the root cause of not only limb pain, but spinal conditions as well. We want to follow the path of biomechanics “from the ground up” to best treat our patients. So, please feel free to discuss any foot or knee pain (or wrist and shoulder pain) with Dr. Mike to he can fully assess your most effective course of treatment.

Also, check out our Valentine’s Day offer to help give those important people in your life the gift of health.

Foot Mechanics and Knee Pain
If our patients mention knee pain as their major complaint, we also frequently hear about previous ankle injuries when we are collecting their health history. The body is so interconnected that a change in one part, more often than not, causes changes in other parts. This can be problematic. For instance, if you’ve rolled an ankle joint in the past, you likely have accumulated scar tissue around the injured joint. This unnecessary tissue will alter mechanics of your foot, causing you to slightly change how you walk. If you change how you walk, your knees will receive uneven wear and tear. This can lead to knee pain, especially if you are an active individual such a runner.

To treat knee and ankle issues, chiropractic care looks at the whole body including the spine and pelvis. In order to support the person’s structure from the feet up, individualized foot supports called Orthotics can also be prescribed. The orthotics work by maintaining the structural mechanics of the feet and ankle joints. Improved foot mechanics can frequently improve knee problems as well as foot issues.

Call Dr. Radice today at 813-968-9411 to learn if a pair of custom Orthotics could be helpful for you.

Valentine’s Day Special – $10 Off!

Bring in your Valentine (or special someone) with you during the week of February 15th.

When you* get adjusted, your Valentine will receive a $10 credit towards their next adjustment! Bring your spouse, partner, child, parent, friend, neighbor, co-worker or anyone you care about.

GIFT CERTIFICATES are also available for massage therapy at RFC!

*You must be 18 or older. If your Valentine is not a current client, they will need to schedule for a new patient appointment during that week.

Did you know…?

Your foot contains 26 bones, 33 joints, more than 100 tendons, muscles, and ligaments, and a whopping 250,000 sweat glands.

Holiday recipe for health!

The holidays are upon us and with them bring out of town guests, family and friends. Schedules for sleep, exercise and diet get turned upside down. This is a great recipe for a compromised immune system and the potential for colds and even the flu. Stay smart, treat yourself right regarding sleep and routines, and get adjusted to help keep the “Holiday blahs” from getting you down.

How to Catch a Cold
Some people seem to expect a bout with a cold or the flu each year. If you haven’t had your quota yet, here are some things you can do:

Eat a poor diet. If you want to catch a cold, make sure your body lacks the vitamins and minerals it needs. Eat lots of processed foods.

Avoid adequate rest. Deprive yourself of adequate rest. Stay up late and reduce the time you sleep as much as possible. Use tobacco, coffee and other stimulants to fool yourself into thinking you have more than enough energy.

Stop exercising. Unlike the circulatory system, your lymphatic system depends upon exercise and movement to circulate these germ-fighting fluids, so sit on the couch and stare at the TV.

Ignore your spine. Slouch whenever you get a chance and cross your legs when sitting. Also ignore your monthly chiropractic wellness checkup.

Invite stress. Stress yourself physically with extreme temperature and humidity changes. Stress yourself mentally with constant worry.

Become dehydrated. Avoid drinking enough water. Reduce the effectiveness of your natural defense mechanisms by avoiding fluids.

Of course none of us do these things intentionally but we certainly are guilty of a few. Just like good soil leads to flourishing plants, if our bodies and minds are kept in a healthy state we too can have thriving lives.

Stay healthy this holiday! Call Dr. Radice at 813-968-9411 to schedule your adjustment today and get ahead of cold season!

Did you know…?

In humans, the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body, while the left side of the brain controls the right side.

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