Chiropractic & Kids

Do children benefit from Chiropractic?

Absolutely. It could even be argued that it’s more important than chiropractic for adults. What more important time to ensure 100% function of all the body’s systems than in a growing, developing child? As the saying goes – “As the trunk grows, so grows the tree.”

Chiropractic is one of the original practices truly based on the concept of wellness and prevention. Again, what better time to consider prevention of problems than at an early age? Chiropractic can give children an outstanding opportunity to start out with a better foundation of health.

Of course, skeletal and muscular development are obvious areas where prevention of early problems is beneficial. Young athletes, dancers, gymnasts and the like are putting heavy burdens on growing bones and muscles. But we should also consider that children’s immune, digestive and other systems are developing as well. Doesn’t it seem important to help ensure all of these systems have their best chance to develop problem-free? Pediatric chiropractic takes into account a child’s stage of development in order to more properly diagnose and treat accordingly. Chiropractic is definitely not “one size fits all”. Just as an MD would not give a child an adult dosage of medication, a chiropractor alters the treatment according to the child’s age and health needs.

Having your child checked by a chiropractor can be an important step in the overall care of kids of all ages. Our tagline at the practice – “Grow Healthy, Stay Well” is meant to remind everyone that true healthcare can’t start early enough.