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Dr. Mike Radice


Chiropractic Adjustments: by manipulating the spine and other joints of the body, Dr. Mike is able to remove nerve interference and local pain. The adjustments restore joint movement and reduce inflammation of the surrounding joints. Since 1997, Dr. Mike has been continually learning and developing expertise in many adjusting techniques to best serve his patients. By having a “full tool kit”, he can select from many techniques to find the most comfortable and effective adjusting protocol for you.

X-ray: the office has x-ray on site for the convenience of the patients. During your examination, Dr. Mike may determine that x-rays are warranted. If so, they are taken just after the exam and don’t require you to go to make an appointment at another facility, take time to get there, etc. When dealing with many issues, x-rays are an excellent tool in helping find the cause of the problem. Once we’re confident of the cause, your care plan can be specifically targeted to help you get better faster.

Physiotherapy: we offer many excellent and effective physiotherapy options to help expedite your healing. From hot and cold packs to traction, ultrasound, and several types of electrical stim, these therapies act to address any muscular component of the condition as well as allow for more effective chiropractic adjustments. In some cases, massage therapy provides an excellent resource to help in a patient’s treatment. Our staff of Licensed Massage Therapists (LMT’s) are experts in localizing and treating even the most persistent muscular issues. Again, this helps in allowing for more effective chiropractic treatments.

Exercise/Nutrition Counseling: Important to any long term improvement and path towards true wellness is nutrition and exercise. Dr. Mike, through his training and experience, can help you help yourself in these vital areas. From reviewing current exercise routines to providing straightforward nutritional advice, Dr. Radice seeks to empower you to continually improve and reach your health and wellness milestones.

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