What Hurts?

Low back pain: many patients seek care from a chiropractor for low back pain. It is important to determine the type and cause of the pain to develop the proper care plan. Some low back pain is caused by nerve irritation (neurological) and some is caused by tight, overworked muscles and joint misalignment (musculo-skeletal). A thorough exam helps Dr. Mike assess which type of condition you’re dealing with. If x-rays are needed, Dr. Radice will order them for you.

Mid-back pain: a lot of pain can stem from between the shoulder blades. Posture plays a very important role in these types of conditions. Very often, patients experiencing this type of pain spend a great deal of time at the computer. Also, parents with infants and toddlers often find themselves dealing with this mid-back pain due to the time spent in difficult positions while lifting and holding them. Good chiropractic care as well as a focused stretching program can provide excellent long term relief.

Neck pain: pain in the shoulders can be very limiting for a person whether it’s not being able to exercise, work or pick up their kids without pain. A proper orthopedic examination helps determine the best course of action for the patient. Along with adjustments to the shoulder, the practice can administer effective physiotherapies and can recommend a program of stretch/strengthening exercises to optimize healing. Dr. Mike has had excellent success in helping patients identify and overcome many shoulder ailments.

Elbow/Wrist: so many injuries to wrists and elbows occur due to repetitive motion. When we overdue it on the tennis court or at the computer keyboard (or even now the Wii), elbow and/or wrist problems can arise. Understanding fully how these joints are aligned and work properly is key to successfully treating the problems which arise. Dr. Mike has a wide array of therapies and bracing (if necessary) available to complement good chiropractic adjustments.

Headaches: it becomes very important to determine the location, frequency and timing of headaches. Many other factors play a role in determining what type of headache you may be experiencing. Migraine, tension-type, sinus, vascular, and so many other types of headaches can be not only painful, but may be potential indications of larger underlying problems. A thorough accounting of these factors helps Dr. Mike determine if chiropractic care can be beneficial to your particular situation. Very often, it can help quickly, effectively and without medications. However, Dr. Mike is very careful to ensure that you receive the appropriate care, whether in his office or in another specialist’s.

Knee: pain here can mean many things. Dr. Mike is very diligent about performing the proper orthopedic tests to help determine how and why the pain is occurring. Being sure not to neglect the surrounding areas (ankles, feet and hips), Dr. Mike can begin to help you determine the best course of action. Many times chiropractic adjustments can be very helpful. If an orthopedic surgeon or other specialist is necessary, Dr. Mike can help you select one with confidence.

Ankle/Foot: both joints endure so much pressure all day as we stand, do our jobs, exercise, and the like. Proper alignment of these joints makes sense when we think how much we put them through. Slight adjustments of the many bones in the foot and ankle allow for proper movement between them and a more regular gait. This can not only relieve the local pain, but often times has a positive effect on the joints above – specifically the knees and hips.